'94 Trooper S questions

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'94 Trooper S questions

Postby TrooperNoob2 » Fri Mar 19, 2021 7:57 pm

Hey everyone. I've recently purchased a '94 Trooper S that I'm almost certain sat still for much of the last decade. It drive me 50 miles home, but had a horrible miss the entire ride home. As it turns out, it was a bad plug wire. No big deal. Now that I've changed those, and the plugs, I've found another issue. I think the spark plug tube seals are out and need to be replaced. It has a 3.2L V6 SOHC. Here's my question: does the intake manifold have to come off the top of the motor before I tear into the valve covers? If so, is this something someone with ZERO mechanical knowledge should dig into? I've tinkered in the past with bolt-ons and such, but nothing in depth. I bought this rig to learn on, I bought it for a hunting/camping rig for my family and I, so most of all, I want reliability. There are very few youtube videos out there for anything to do with a '94 Trooper, so I'm beginning to wonder if this is a desirable model. Anyone have any answers out there? Thanks to those who do.
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Re: '94 Trooper S questions

Postby Oro » Sat Mar 20, 2021 1:49 am

No, doing the vcg's on this should not be bad. Yours is, pretty much, like my '98 AFAIK. One trick is to loosen the brake booster to get at the bolts in the back on that driver's side bank.

As to whether the '94 trooper is "undesirable" - ha, ha, you've come to the wrong place and misunderstood the machine. IMO the whole gamut of 90's troopers is about tops among Japanese SUVs second only to the 98+ 100 Series Toyota Land cruisers. I would not be caught dead in a 4Runner, and I kid you not (and I am a BIG Toyota/Lexus fan). Only '90s era Japanese SUV I would trade my truck for is a 98+ Land Cruiser. And offhand I can't think of an American, English or any other SUV I'd trade it for wrt reliability, design, ease of service, etc. While they fetch more money (now), even an 80 Series Land cruiser is a step down to me (and I've spent miles - lots of miles - in all of the above).

If your VERY first mechanical adventure is to do valve cover gaskets, I suggest no. It takes some feel for materials, metals, some touch and a little skill. If you have a lot of that from say, being a machinist, denstist, maybe an acrobat, then OK. ;) But I don't want to talk anyone down or away from getting into the very Zen and wonderful hobby of auto maintenance/mechanics/restoration. If you do decide to go into it:

Here are some tips:

a) When you do change the vcgs, go back and re-torque the bolts after running it hot and letting it sit. This will really keep leaks from coming back prematurely. Use some gasket dressing (I use Permatex Aviation #3, there are others) in corners and as a tack to keep it in place.

b) Yes get a kit w/the spark tube seals and change them. Go slow, heat the tabs if needed. It is easy to break them. This takes a little while but needs to be done.

c) for a car that has sat a while, a few things:

1) run it hard to get the tires hot to work out flat spots
2) add some PEA cleaner to the system for two full tanks (I use Gumout Regane HM; Chevron Techron has the same component though at higher cost/lower concentration).
3) I like to run a diesel/kerosene flush on ANY used car, switch to a Good synthetic HM 10w-30 (I like Mobil 1 HM). Add some Lubegard biotech to the oil. It will clean further and aid heat transfer, lower temps, clean up the narrow oil passages in these engines.

The other thing you MUST know is that the 4L30E auto trans (assuming you have it) is not bad, but it is not up to abuse, and is highly intolerant of getting low on fluid. Read up on that and how to maintain it and you'll save some crazy potential hassle.

The Isuzu 6VD1 SOHC engine in your truck was used for years, and the later (98+) 6VE1 DOHC is very, very similar. You can find all you need to know about them here or on the web and people will help. So, welcome to the forum and if you want the help, you'll get it from the (IME) generous and knowledgeable people here. Ask away!!!
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Re: '94 Trooper S questions

Postby TrooperNoob2 » Sat Mar 20, 2021 7:56 am

Okay, another quick question: I'm in the US, who's the best parts provider? I've looked at several big names, I've looked at others, not devoted to anyone one place. Also, aftermarket parts? Where did everyone get suspension parts and upgrades. Not trying to get ahead of myself, I just know what I'm going to have to do so I'm getting my ducks in a row.
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Re: '94 Trooper S questions

Postby SRN » Sun Mar 21, 2021 9:46 pm

My signature has a link to the full Factory Service Manual for your vehicle, that will be very helpful for your maintenance.

Pulling the valve covers will require you to pull off the the plenum portion of the intake manifold, but not the whole manifold. Its six bolts (and all the ancillary stuff) so not too hard. You will likely need a new gasket for it, though.

Regular parts, O'Reilly, NAPA, Rock Auto. Basically any auto parts store will be able to hook you up with what you need. Aftermarket stuff like suspensions is getting a little slimmer. Independent 4x4 used to cater to Isuzu's pretty well, any ARB dealer can get you Old Man Emu parts. Do a search on here and you'll turn up all sorts of info.
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