Hello! New Amigo

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Hello! New Amigo

Postby gknappers » Fri Feb 12, 2021 5:33 pm

Hello everyone!

I have just come in possession of a clean 98 Amigo. I have been lurking around the forums for the last couple days, trying to do as many searches on questions I have (things that have probably been answered a million times over). Coming from the Land Rover and Nissan world, things seem a bit different in the Isuzu community. I am slowly working out the details of what is going to happen with this little truck, but very excited. Torquey little v6 for such a small vehicle! Already found Independent4x (seems like a good source for lift bits).

I have a few issues to workout before I begin.

- Fuel gauge doesn't read (this seems fairly common)
- a few cosmetic issues
- a busted driver side mirror (harder than I thought to source a replacement)
- an air blender that is stuck on foot/face
- Seems like aftermarket winch bumpers are pretty rare
- Wheel info: 16x7,+38mm offset, 100mm bore? lug centric or hub centric? Wheels are going to be my first purchase.

Looking to learn a lot. Thanks!
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