Hi i have a 2001 rodeo ls V6 3.2 2wd and i need help

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Hi i have a 2001 rodeo ls V6 3.2 2wd and i need help

Postby TamiTime » Tue Feb 02, 2021 1:27 am

My check engine is tell me i need a throttle positing sensor. Well i guess there are 2 one on throttle body one behind gas pedal can anyone tell me how to reset or calibrate them
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Re: Hi i have a 2001 rodeo ls V6 3.2 2wd and i need help

Postby Iacocca64 » Tue Feb 09, 2021 11:39 am

Someone that works as an electrician can get into some things like this but to be honest it won't likely fix your issue. Your truck is 20 years old. Those sensors are designed to wear out. Just replace them. Try calling a salvage yard to see if you can take one off another truck. They are a lot cheaper than new and are likely everywhere. They won't come with a warranty from the salvage yard. Not that the parts store is likely to honor an electrical item warranty after a short period of time anyway. If you have a throttle body controlled by wire, which I'm pretty sure you do, it can get expensive to replace that whole assembly. Again, you need to get familiar with salvage yards. It is likely that a wire controlled throttle body will need a professional technician to diagnose and recalibrate IF that is even possible. Sorry if this isn't helping. Those parts are designed to wear out. I would just replace them.
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