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New Member in Atlantic Beach, FL

Postby LooseUnit » Mon Feb 01, 2021 12:00 am

Hi all!

I am a long-time owner. My first was an 8o-something, very sharp, grey with a big white strip along the doors and a red racing strip, manual. Loved that car—towed it across country behind the U-Haul. When I got to CA (from FL) I realized I had a horsepower deficit—downshifting from 5 to 3 to get up the ramp from the highway to Skyline Blvd. So, in 95 I went to the Isuzu dealership (and don’t we miss THEM) and bought the dealer car. (Stick again!) Funny story: I was at the dealer soooo long we all forgot I needed to actually PAY for the vehicle before I left. Much panic at the disco. ;-))

Well, I did go back the next day and pay, and we’ve been together ever since. Many cross-country and north-south trips, slid off I-10 in a rainstorm at 80mph and just came to rest gently at the bottom of a Louisiana median—many other adventures. I hope she runs forever.

I know the first body type is the darling here, but I gotta say it rode like a buckboard and the back seat was a torture device for more-than-20-min trips. And I needed more horses.

I am now really considering adding a 2000 LS Limited with 49K on the odometer (!!!) How is that possible? It has an automatic + 4wd, and I’ve read the general consensus on auto here, but, man the sticks are hard to find! Any thoughts?
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Re: New Member in Atlantic Beach, FL

Postby giusedtobe » Mon Feb 01, 2021 9:10 am

No knowledge of the gen 2's but welcome.

BTW I went to Fletcher HS in Jax Bch.
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