A hearty hello!! and Power windows tripping breaker

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A hearty hello!! and Power windows tripping breaker

Postby 01FLRodeo » Sun Aug 07, 2016 6:14 pm

Hello!!! New rodeo owner here. We've recently bought an '01 rodeo and it's got some problems. First off I just want to say thank you to all of you guys and gals that have posted such amazing tips and tricks. The past few days I've been reading, searching, and finding, all sorts of fixes to what appear to be common problems.

I guess I should first thank the poster of This video for turning me on to your great forum.

While searching for my priority problem (Power windows not working) I've run across several posts that address problems that I have with my Rodeo. By the way, I don't know if it's possible to add a search for non subscribers or not, but it would have definitely helped me with my progress.

Of course I can't find the exact fuel sensor post that I was looking at when I first found your site to link it, but I did find This post which may come in quite handy when I go to try and tackle that problem. (if I get the sensor with the wrong plug)

I've found a wonderful post regarding the wipers. Shout out to Gizmo42 for this wiper relay post I've already ordered the relays from Amazon along with some soldering equipment.

Now to get to my main reason for registering to this site. I hope this will show up in any searches regarding tags: power window issues, power seats, power window circuit breaker. There may be more tags relevant but I don't want to push it.

When we bought this '01 Rodeo, it had several problems and in our opinion the windows not working was a main priority. I've been looking all over the place to find anything about the power windows. If there was a post with this particular problem I couldn't find it. This link was the closest I could find, and on that post you'll see that I added a link to here.

So anyway, none of the windows worked. First I stupidly saw an article post or something that was talking about the power window relay switch, so I went down and looked at those. I took out the window relay and swapped it with the rear defogger relay (I knew the rear defogger was working). That didn't fix the problem. While I had the fuse box open I noticed the slot for the power window breaker was empty (I don't know why that wasn't my first stop). At the time I didn't know that it was supposed to have a breaker and thought that it was just a 30A fuse. I picked up a 30A fuse that I thought would work, and when I went to put it in, the socket was hot and blew it instantly. That was with the key on. So I turned the key off and tried another. It blew instantly. I figured at that point there must be a short somewhere in the circuit. I saw a post somewhere with a pic of the fuse box and noticed that the power window socket had something that wasn't a fuse. I had happened to notice this breaker in the glove box when looking for fuses and such but didn't know what it was. I put it in the power window slot and it popped instantly.
Everything I had seen to this point was saying that the master switch in the drivers door was the cause of most problems with single windows not working because that's where all the power went first. That was my first stop. I pulled out the master switch (which is really easy it just pops out). I unplugged it and reset the breaker, the breaker popped immediately. This made me think that there was a short between the fuse box and the main switch. I took off the door panel, looked around and didn't see anything that looked burnt or shorted. I started in to the wire bundles that are near the fuse box and was at a bit of a loss because there are soooo many wire bundles there. Anyway I found a bundle that ran along the running board and followed it back as it went toward the back drivers side door. That's when I saw a bundle that split off and went under the power seat (which was also not working). This made me wonder if the seat was on the same circuit. I had a bit of a suspicion, but couldn't find anything anywhere regarding power seats and what fuse or circuit it was on. So I was able to get the front of the side cover off of the seat, and able to get the seat control switch removed, and low and behold it was fried. I unplugged the switch and tried the breaker again, and it didn't pop. It was at this point that I plugged the drivers window switch back in and they worked!!!!!! All the windows were working with the drivers switch!!! So now I've put the door panel back together and got all the running boards and everything else that I tore apart put back together and just need to figure out if all I need is a new seat control switch or if there's some underlying problem that fried the switch.
So, in conclusion, If you're windows aren't working and you have power seats that are also not working, It could be your seat switch that's the culprit.
Thanks again for all of your great posts!!! Keep it up, and I'll probably be checking in often.
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Re: A hearty hello!! and Power windows tripping breaker

Postby wmorrisiii » Mon Sep 05, 2016 11:09 pm

Welcome to the zoo and thanks for the kind words. You are finding out what a lot of us already know, this is a great resource with a lot of good people that are generous in sharing their time and knowledge. Makes fooling around with these old trucks way more fun.
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Re: A hearty hello!! and Power windows tripping breaker

Postby KN4DS » Sun May 17, 2020 12:45 am

I have the same problem - breaker trips immediately in my 2001 Rodeo even with key off. Based on your post, I've unplugged the seat switch, and that did not resolve the problem.

I guess the next step is to track that wiring from the seat switch back toward the fuse box looking for something shorted.

Anybody have any better ideas?
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