2K Enemy V6,200k m injector questions

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2K Enemy V6,200k m injector questions

Postby angieford » Mon Jul 20, 2020 4:02 am

Hi. Just re~mantling this nightmare. advice on how, if its nec., to do much to fuel rail and connected...injectors. the 200k puts strain on me. I see decent rubber and ok o~rings. HOW DOES RUBBER COME OFF.? I dont wanna rip any, so using fingernails..not working. theyre a bit stiff. good or bad.? Im reassembling w/ frustrated boyfriend at bay...lol. Its been a good month long nightmare. Lol. (focus) ok. so I dont PREplan well. Any hoses under intake, replaced. egr new. t~stat new. serpentine new. manifold gskts new. am I gonna need more before its back together.?? this is my (preplanning). Id love to look the engineer, on this rig,f to face, and relay all my frustrated aggression...on him.!
lol. so the do~dahd on drvr side (ds) rail end. what isit.? plz. & thnk u. bottoms of inj's are bad dirty. no maint. log came with it, so Im gonna rely on y'all's help. I trust this's ok.
2 or 3 perimeter on seats of inj boots are unsound. nicks. dirt up in 'em. ok. so I also reamed ports in eng & entire intake, w steel round brush. got all carbon off walls. it took oh 2-4 days for this▪︎20 +/_ cans carb clean, and 35-50 $ in brushes,scour pads,etc▪︎to accomplish this. still finalizing lots o cleanin, as i re~asmbl. so huge is this job...no desire to EVER repeat it. working on "1st times a charm". thank you kindly. angieford roseburg oregon.
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Re: 2K Enemy V6,200k m injector questions

Postby mudoilngears » Mon Jul 20, 2020 3:56 pm

I have read this a time or two, and have no idea what you need to know. I'd suggest editing with at least some punctuation.
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