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2002 Trooper Tire Size

PostPosted: Fri Aug 07, 2020 11:31 am
by jimmystartup
I did a search but without success. My 2002 Trooper currently has 245/75 16 tires but in the process of doing some online tire shopping I'm running into different fitment charts that conflict with this. Most say the correct size is 245/70 16. The current tires fit but there is a pretty wide selection if I don't limit my search to just the specified size. Any opinions on which size to go with? I have stock rims and suspension.

Re: 2002 Trooper Tire Size

PostPosted: Fri Aug 07, 2020 2:42 pm
by Oro
My preference is 245/70-16 (which is the original size). This seems the widest selection at the best price to me (lots of older pick-ups used this size, especially GM, that's why). I have it lifted but I still use that and it looks ok.

Unless you need tires ASAP, I'd wait until Oct. 1 when the GM and Ford fall tire rebates usually happen. Great deals.

Here are alternate size choices, none of which are really great IMO; I don't like too much induced speedo/odo error.

Re: 2002 Trooper Tire Size

PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2020 10:08 am
by One_Big_Game
245/70 would be a little shorter and cheaper. Go to a 235/85 if you want something taller and a little skinner, or a 255/70 if you want something a little wider and a little taller. I used to run 255/70 tires but now that I’m lifted I run 255/85 tires.

Re: 2002 Trooper Tire Size

PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2020 8:09 pm
by jimmystartup
With a little luck I found some Summit Trail Climet H/T's at Walmart for $52 each. Not sure I I got that price as I can't find anything even close now. Have put about 100 miles on them and so far I have no complaints. Drove on dry and wet and they are quiet and smooth. I don't have a ton of demands for tires beyond that so I guess I'm happy.