God loves fools, and boiled linseed oil

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God loves fools, and boiled linseed oil

Postby Oro » Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:13 am

I recovered from a decade+ of not skiing this past winter. I was a professional skier in Vermont 20 years ago for several years, and when I moved to Seattle I was just burned out I think, and I also hated Cascade cement and rain. Plus some serious jerks on the Snoqualmie Ski Patrol at the time. ;) Last winter I responded to a random Craigslist ad I saw for a need for part-time ski instructors. I had never done that before professionally, but I knew how to, at least at lower levels. OMG, I had so much fun with 1/2 dozen 1st to 4th graders one night a week at Snoqualmie Pass this past winter. Absolutely a joy. Baby, I'm back.

But I didn't like driving the trooper there in foul weather; It worked great for it and I love this truck but I don't like it's highway manners or gas mileage. But otherwise I like it, am attached to it, and I don't want to get rid of it. So I decided a cheaper/cheap-ish ski car was back in the "needs" category, not the "wants." I spent the last few months scouring auto auctions for a good V8 Audi, awd E46 BMW x, 4motion V6 Passats, 4matics, etc. Subarus in this area ("the national car of Seattle") are out of the question, they all come with blown head gaskets, and far too many questionable bumper stickers. There are actually very few actually long-term reliable awd cars out there when you study the mechanical history carefully. I settled on this Volvo XC70, 2004. An unexciting but reliable and easy to fix if-it-goes-wrong low pressure turbo 5 engine, Aisin 5-speed transmission that can be serviced and kept healthy a long time. I hate wagons in general and much prefer a sedan in a car, but these are quiet enough with remarkably low NVH, I can get over that bias. But a downside of these is that in the sun, the plastic lower body cladding fades horribly, and this car had been in the sun belt a little while before coming to the PNW. Despite low miles, some time there had cooked that, and badly. But, as I heard from real cowboys when I rode horses, "you can't ride the color." So man-up and get over it.

I mixed boiled linseed oil 60:40 with some mineral spirits and just wiped it on, after cleaning and de-greasing. Remarkable results. I have done this before on bumpers, mirrors, etc. and generally it lasts a year before starting to weaken/need refreshing. This time I'm going to put a UV barrier on top, like 303 or something once I figure out what might be chemically compatible, and hopefully get even more time. I'll do the trooper's flaps and mirrors next week when I do a 2nd coat on this; I did the trooper/slx a few years ago and it was nice for a long time.

The other thing I'm excited about is this car will be great for road trips with my step-kids. For example, we went to Montana last August/Sept. just before school. I took their moms Lexus because of the comfort/mileage for long trips. But once there, I was frustrated as there were so many nice side roads/forest roads and I wanted the trooper. This will let me do both for longer trips. There are plenty of locally fun things I can use the trooper with. See the last photo. ;)
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Re: God loves fools, and boiled linseed oil

Postby itsmehb » Fri Jul 31, 2020 12:15 pm

Wow, before and after pics show total improvement. Last photo, typical of the PNW'S beauty. Down here in Tx. we're mostly flat unless visiting West Tz. Bought my 89RS up there in central Washington.
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