I need a good (technical) Volvo forum (3.2l I6 question)..

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I need a good (technical) Volvo forum (3.2l I6 question)..

Postby Oro » Sun Jul 19, 2020 10:32 pm

Looking for good Volvo DIY info/technical knowledge.

I am going to look at a P3 XC70 later this week, with the 3.2l I6 engine. Early years ('08 to '10) of these were known for some having bad oil consumption issues (bad rings reportedly). This car has a bad head gasket, otherwise well worth fixing. I spent one to two hours this afternoon trying to find the hg replacement procedure for this engine, as well as if it's possible to drop the pan with the engine in place and release the pistons, allowing me to re-ring them. I spent some time besides just searching but also on swedespeed and two other volvo sites but the DIY and technical knowledge from posters was on average pretty low.

My thinking was if I'm into an hg job, re-ring, rebuild/replace all other wear items (vvt solenoids, alternator, oil trap, chain tensioner, wp, etc., etc), just replace every common wear item and then not worry for a LONG time. Other than the low mpgs, the car suits my needs/wants/likes very, very well and could serve a long time. But unlike the prior I5 lpts, this engine has a real dearth of info out there it appears.

Does anyone here know the Volvo sites and/or were I can find this information? I'm out of patience for tonight. ;)
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