New to Forum, Recently purchased 1986 Trooper

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New to Forum, Recently purchased 1986 Trooper

Postby Ja-ja-ja-ckaroo » Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:38 am

Hello Planet Isuzoo-ians!

My name's Dylan and I'm looking for some feedback about a Trooper I've bought to be a weekend beach-rig.

Based in Adelaide, Australia - the Trooper was sold here as a 'Holden Jackaroo', & I've got the LS version (I think that means factory airconditioning?)


^^^^^^^^^^^ Can other users see this photo?? :)


I bought the car defected from a dealer, it now has to go through a roadworthy inspection in order to be driven on the roads.

The chassis is in good condition, as is the interior. I was also surprised its got only 160,000km. Despite the headaches of getting it un-defected I think she's definitely worth saving from the wreckers.

To prepare it for its date with government bureaucrats in 2 days, I've fixed some things;

-New front seatbelts
-New muffler
-Removed the LPG system (it was fitted in 2009 and I wanted it gone)
-New Rear-leaf spring shackle rubbers
-Cleaned up the rear-axel as the diff-fluid was leaking into the brakes

Other than that I wanted to know if theres any tips around for stopping the minor oil leak from the engine (even just temporarily during the inspection),
or if there's anyone else whos gone through a similar issue with the South Australian Government.

I'm also de-badging it so theres some vintage Holden badges up for grabs!

Once I've figured out uploading photos I'll start asking about the aircon too, as a 25.yo chef I'd consider myself a mechanical novice. This will be the first post of many I promise you :roll:

Thanks in advance!
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