'88 Trooper poor gas mileage - help me find cause!

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Postby mulisha00 » Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:00 pm

Well I finally had enough today and started working on it again.

I drove to work on Monday. 180 miles round trip. Burned the whole tank of gas. Comes out to 8-9 mpg.

I put it up on my lift. Checked all four wheels for dragging. Felt normal. Removed converter and stock exhaust. Converter appeared to still be flowing but was replaced. Also installed a flow tech muffler.

Then I moved on to the timing. With a new timing light I got what appeared to be around 8 degrees ATDC. I set it to the factory spec 12 degrees BTDC and the engine began to idle smoother as I adjusted it to the 12 mark.

Pulled it out and it feels like a new vehicle. I could probably chirp 31's now if I tried. I'll work out of town again Thursday and we'll see if its time to go up for sale or will I get another 100,000 out of her.

Would the timing being that far off kill power and milage?
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Re: '88 Trooper poor gas mileage - help me find cause!

Postby Gipsyking » Sat May 01, 2021 3:31 pm

Back to the top.
I've only had my 88 trooper 4 banger for about 6 months and I became a fan right away.
I'm having the same issue, I got the head rebuilt recently, got the timing belt, water pump, hoses, vaccum lines, thermostat and a few other things, and my gas mileage dropped I'm getting like 10 mpg. I'm wondering, can the vaccum lines being place incorrectly affect the gas mileage? I'm gonna replace the fuel filter and FPR and possibly the Temp sensor that's hard to reach since those are the only things I haven't checked. I'm considering replacing the entire exhaust system to see if it makes a difference, since it seems like the previous owner neglected this car.

Any help would be appreciated
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