Blue F shaped thermo switch under intake (2.6)

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Blue F shaped thermo switch under intake (2.6)

Postby TroopDawg » Mon May 03, 2021 6:17 pm

What will happen if i bypass the blue vac switch under the intake?
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Re: Blue F shaped thermo switch under intake (2.6)

Postby giusedtobe » Mon May 03, 2021 9:40 pm

TroopDawg wrote:What will happen if I bypass the blue vac switch under the intake?

Fairies will fly out of the tail pipe :mrgreen:

I honestly don't know but was too scared to eliminate too much stuff. I remember one went to the TB but can't remember where the other went.

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Re: Blue F shaped thermo switch under intake (2.6)

Postby DSUZU » Tue May 04, 2021 4:21 pm

IIRC the only purpose of that switch (valve) is so you don't have EGR function when the engine is COLD. You should be able to check your under hood vacuum hose diagram and verify that. Dennis
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