2.6 4ze1 idle (solved)

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Re: 2.6 4ze1 idle

Postby TroopDawg » Tue May 04, 2021 5:47 pm

Well i was getting voltage to the regulator. I bench tested it with 12 volts and it heated up. If i plugged one end and blew through it while cold (open)... it would hold ok.

Then out of curiosity... i heated it up again for a good while as if it were on a running engine... it closed like it should, but if i plugged one end and blew through it while hot... it didnt feel as sealed.

While still hot, i filled it with PB blaster... and sure enough... it weeped a little through the seem.

I let the seem dry and i degreased the outside of it. Then i wiped some jb weld on the seem and waited for it to dry.

Today i filled it up with PB blaster and installed it on the intake. I utilized an old ground hole beneath the itech lettering to mount to. I just have to build a little bracket to feel better about its mounting.
under the intake is alot warmer as well than being on top and behind the fan (5tech mod)


Idles at 12/1300 rpm until it reaches temp... then it drops to a perfect 900/1000.

Now i can start headlights and body work!

I have to clean up the engine bay lol! Everyrhing is extra long because i didnt want to cut something too short in case it had to be rerouted a different way after learning something new, later in the proccess. But now its a tangled mess that i have to sort out and make “pretty” lol
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