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Im pretty consistantly browsing YAj for first gen parts. Theyre pretty thin on the ground.
However the 2nd gens are plentiful!
I do a search for UBS with the condition set to second hand(otherwise you get all the generic car filters and such).
If you wish to search for non-trooper stuff; or any car in general; I recommend searching by the chassis code.

Absolutely under no circumstance should you use Buyee to ship parts.
They typically charge exorbitant fees once the item gets to their warehouse and will hold the item hostage until you pay.

I simply use them for their auto translate feature.

For smaller stuff I use Streeter.

I use a local importer for bigger items.
If you're in North Texas and interested I can pass the info along.
otherwise youll have to work out ways to import any of the bigger items on your own.

2nd Gen recaros pop up fairly often for cheap.
seem to be a couple different styles.
Both of these have the pair available.
Im pretty sure both of these have seat heaters as well.
Tire Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Fender Art

Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Bumper Rectangle Electric blue

These steering wheels aren't common but they do show up in various conditions from time to time.
Azure Motor vehicle Gas Grass Circle

someone really imported a whole SLX badge kit, I cant judge as I still want a jackaroo badge bad.

some first gen diesel gauges if anyone needs them. This seller also has a RHD irmscher dash that has all the fancy switches still in it. not currently listed but I'm sure it'll be put back up.

3.1TD top mount intercooler

2nd gen third row
theres actually a couple sets of these on YAj
Vehicle Motor vehicle Vehicle door Car Gas

a honda horizon door?!
I already checked and sadly the seller does not have the grill
Gadget Electronic device Sports equipment Vehicle Machine

2nd gen Hoods with scoops are all over YAj
Dont expect it to show up without some dents

The first year of production troopers were called Rodeo Bighorn, since they were based on the the Isuzu Faster Rodeo which was the 4x4 version of the Faster.
Here is a first year of production brochure
Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle Wheel Car

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Looks better centered I’d say. Monteros have a small offset scoop and it looks wierd.
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