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Nathan08T said:
So I recently installed an aftermarket CD player and grounded it PROPERLY. I also fixed my A/C and installed a new compressor. I'm sure the wires are all hooked up correctly. There's only one wire for the compressor, though..

I started it up earlier and it clicked ONCE then everything died. The voltage on the battery read .4. Eventually the lights came back on, repeated the process, and it did the same thing. The battery voltage SPIKED when I turned the battery on before actually trying to start it.

I checked all the fuses.. They're all good. I checked the relay box and fiddled with the ground.. and the lights came back on AND the engine started. But now I have no interior lights.. The ones on my clock, a/c settings, blower position, rpm, mph... etc, don't work.. The a/c light, stereo, and odometer all work. The dome light works but the back end lights are all off. The brake lights work too.

Also, I have been switching relays around. Specifically the headlight into the a/c thermo spot (it was missing it.. weird) during the day. It seems it started happening when I did that. Is it possible the ground on the relay box might have come lose, or maybe I effed up the car with switching the relays?...

Any ideas? THANKS!
You probably have a short somewhere,and blew a fusible link. The short is probably past the fusible link,so now that its blown everything else works. Chances are it may happen again when you replace it.
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