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will 35's fit?

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Alright... Over the weekend, I installed 2' lift shakles and done a ball joint flip. Tommorrow the front end shop is going to run up my torsion bars to level the front end and then do an allignment. I was planning on running a 33' tire, but now that the lift is on, it looks like 35's will fit. I've even seen them on stock Troopers (with them rubbing on turns), so I think they will fit for me. I would consider even mild trimming. Any suggestions? I have the 4.56 gears. I know that will be fine for 33's, but what about 35's? Anyway, thanks for the input.
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i have a 92 trooper and i just put 35s on today with no lift even though i have a 3" body lift sittin in the room waitin to go on
I think with a skinny 35 and wheels that have true neutral offset(0" backspace) they will fit with a little trimming. Stock gearing will suck though, so if you must have 35's start saving for new gears.
Again, this question comes up a lot.

Don't waist the money on the tires your going to kill the drivetrain in a short time. Blown CV shafts, wheel bearings and other IFS componants can happen with that much weight on the wheels

Isuzu did not design their front ends to handle anything this size.

If you want 35s and like spending money only once go with an SAS.

If not stick with 33s, you don't lose much clearance, and save your hard earned cash.

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I have 33x10.5's on my 91 Rodeo with no lift. The tires do rub a bit when you take a tight turn, but it's no big deal. I can still do a full rotation of the steering wheel before they rub. I would consider 35's if I had a lift but then you run into the problem of gearing and I dont want to be messing around with diff's untill something goes in mine.
If it were me, I would stick with 33's..I've had to fix the problem for so many people who come in with their CV shafts twisted or joints snapped, These huge sizes are practically usesless, you can do the same wheelin' with the 33's and prolly more because of the overload on the gearing that comes with 35's. Not to mention the horrific gas milage and steering problems it causes. If you need more for wheelin' look at some new mickey thompsons but stick with 33's (thats my opinion)
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