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Why I love the 4th of July weekend....

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Just got a call that the starter on the boat is bad/rusty and needs to be replaced. We always wait til the last minute to check for this stuff before heading up for the 4th weekend and here we are with a big problem to fix before the guest arrive at noon tomorrow... Looks like I won't have time to fix the perpetually neglected sea-doos either. The old man said that Trooperchris and I will have to swap it out, before all my brother's friends show up. (heads up Chris! You'll be wrenching tomorrow when you show up!)

My prediction- the boat will get its typical 1/2 assed annual wash, before being neglected again before next year.

This annual event has changed my outlook on boat ownership. I keep my jetski at the house so I can watch it/ take the battery out/ drain the rain water off... Its sad to think how nice that boat was only 15 hours ago...

FYI- its 2003 32' Suntracker Party Cruiser- a helluva nice boat at one time- before we owned it!
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