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as far as the price you paid to obtain this diamond in the rough, doesn't matter what anyone else in the forum,'s your choice..and if you feel comfortable with paying $ 2500, then more power to you....You can't put an price on the math, tally up more or less what you will spend to get your baby up and running,..and sit back, admire your ride....and ask yourself, what type of similar vehicle, could you obtain...for the monies spent.....not much out there..AND ESPECIALLY finding a very clean first less...after going thru the drive train, suspension,re do the 4 cyl, keep an eye on the floor pans, and frame...and with your replacement gas tank and new fuel pump, problems that usually crop up due to gunky gas tanks, and gummed up fuel pumps, won't be knocking on your door..

Always LOVED the LS series..nicer carpet, and the seats, not only looked better than the original tweed seats, but were far more comfortable..and once you get the body washed and waxed up, that white really does look good, and stand out..

congrats on your recent find...may you have many happy hours, of motoring fun...
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