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takemehome4LOroads said:
OK... So I got the .020" oversized pistons from Jerry, took my block to the machinist, and after all that there's still a small band of pitting that wasn't able to be removed with the .020" overbore.

The band sits just above the piston at bottom dead center:

I gotta say after all that I'm a little disheartened and am seeking advice on where to go next.

From what I was able to google, people say that if you have pitting in your cylinder, this is the best place to have it, at the bottom of the stroke. It really is pretty minor, though I can definitely feel it with my finger. I'm a little ticked off because the machinist I took it to said the piston doesn't touch that part of the cylinder when it obviously does. I guess he just eyeballed it. :cyclopsani:

My inclination is to run it as is, as I think in the grand scheme of things it probably won't make that big of a difference, but on the other hand, I've done all this work already. "Do it right, do it once" kind of thing.

For the pistons and all the machining, I'm about $450 in. So I see my options as being:
  • run it as is [/*]
  • Get the block rebored to .040 over and order set of .040 pistons [/*]
  • Get a block from the local pick-a-part and just start over[/*]

Thoughts anyone?
You could run it that way, and probably not notice any difference. However you should never buy pistons nor bearings, before the machining is done. The machinist should have told you that when you took him the block.
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