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Whistle under the hood

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It is a little bit colder these days in montreal...
This morning I started the 1998 Rodeo (3.2/ Automatic/ 50K miles) and between 1900 and 3000 Rpm I hear a whistle comming from the engine. It cleared away as the engine warmed up. I did not push it at all so I can't tell if there is a power loss or not. First day it does that.

Is that the first sign of a leaking intake gasket?
Could it be a stupid idller that starts to rock not roll?
Anybody has ever seen this before?
Should I simply raise the volume on the radio or leave the truck in the driveway for a week to punish it?

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On my car it was the beginning of an intake manifold gasket leak. The performance issues took a little more time to manifest.
One on either side of the intake manifold where it sits on top of the engine.

I didn't do this job myself so I honestly can't say what needs to be shuffled around in order to get it out and then put it back.

I've done intake manifolds before and I wouldn't say it's a terribly difficult task. You just need to work carefully and ensure that NOTHING gets into the heads.

IIRC, the parts are cheap and probably ~$70-90 at the dealer. The labor is where they'll get you. I would EASILY expect to pay $300-400 in labor for this @ my local dealer's rate of $75/hr.
Isn't everything in Canada measured in the metric system?
He didn't say to use brake cleaner; He said carb cleaner.

Good thing you thought about it before doing it. :)

Brake cleaner would eat up lots of other stuff on your engine that you wouldn't want to eat up. :)
Honestly, I feel that most of the problems on this truck give fair warning *and* can be fixed for pocket change if you DIY.

Except for my ABS failure, everything else has been relatively simple for a home mechanic. Thankfully, the ABS failure was covered under warranty, not that I cared for the system. However, in the unlikely case that I ever decide to sell the car it is a nice thing to have.

112K miles on my '99 Passport
Gas gauge problem: Dropped the tank and fixed the fingers on the fuel sender.
Intake Manifold: Replaced both gaskets at 40K miles, no problems since.
O2 Sensor: Replaced bad sensor
Valve ticking: Happens every now and then so I change the oil and it goes away.
It's been smooth sailing otherwise *knocks on plastic wood trim*
It still idles smooth and I'm getting a consistent 18MPG driving to/from work near NYC in moderate traffic everyday.


Just one question here for everyone: Is WD40 an appropriate "lubricant" for a bearing? Isn't the stuff like 80% solvent?

I don't know the specifics of the bearing in the idler, but I'm guessing that it is a sealed unit and once it starts to squeal it should be replaced. I think you're risking a broken/damaged belt if that thing starts to seize up.

Glad to hear you resolved your problem!
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