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Whistle under the hood

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It is a little bit colder these days in montreal...
This morning I started the 1998 Rodeo (3.2/ Automatic/ 50K miles) and between 1900 and 3000 Rpm I hear a whistle comming from the engine. It cleared away as the engine warmed up. I did not push it at all so I can't tell if there is a power loss or not. First day it does that.

Is that the first sign of a leaking intake gasket?
Could it be a stupid idller that starts to rock not roll?
Anybody has ever seen this before?
Should I simply raise the volume on the radio or leave the truck in the driveway for a week to punish it?

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V2 said:
officially yes but some units are too weird, we just kept using the good old english system.

I got 93 000 km on my truck
but there is 28 psi in my tires.
thats priceles :lol: :lol:
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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