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Which Clutch to Use - MUA5 4x4 - Confusion

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Hi All,

I have a 1994 4x4 Trooper and its time for a clutch job. So, I ordered in advance an Sachs K70107-01. Rockauto says its the right clutch for this transmission (I also see it referenced all over the place too). Fast forward to yesterday, I yanked the trans out and its a totally different clutch, which isn't even on the service manual! Its an Exedy ISC 600. I cant even cross reference anything to the ISC 600. I cant even get an ISC 600 clutch kit (it appears).

My question to you all is; can somebody point me to the right clutch for this transmission?

This is the Sachs that is listed on rockauto and generally referred to in the work manual for the MUA:

Automotive tire Light Rim Bicycle part Automotive wheel system

This is the Exedy ISC 600 that I pulled out of the transmission:

Automotive tire Tread Rim Wood Wheel
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Ive got the diesel, a 4JG2 and its a 1994.
On the sachs the clutch fingers point inward and has the locking collar, and the exedy clutch fingers point outward and does not have a locking collar. I 'think' the diameter is correct. These pressure plate assembles are totally different.
Ive successfully used a rodeo clutch for the v6 in my MUA 4jb1T trooper. That being said, it would be cheaper to get your clutch disc rebuilt than to source a new kit. Post measurements of what you pulled out and ill see if i can find anything. Looks like the parts thread over on 4x4wire was lost when the forum went down.
@bellavesus What did you do to make that clutch work?
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From the photo of the Exedy clutch that you removed it appears that the clutch disk is worn to the rivets. If this is true you will need to inspect the pressure plate and flywheel for reuse. If they are both damage due to extra machining cost (or replacement cost, depending on the amount of damage) rebuilding the clutch plate would not be cheaper than a full clutch kit & a flywheel.

I have 2 clutch sets that will fit your vehicle if you are interested in purchasing them. In stock I have the LUK 626 1655 60 & South Bend K09021-HD. Both clutches are great quality.. The LUK is an equivalent to OEM clutch and is my go to set. The south bend is a much more stout clutch than the original. If you tow trailers, haul cargo or enjoy serous off roadding the South Bend is the better choice.
@Shawn Anthony Yes indeed, that clutch disk is toast. That isnt getting reused, and its equally as blasted as the throwout bearing and the pilot bearing. My flywheel is getting surfaced as I type. I am interested in that clutch that you have. Shoot me a DM and lets talk a little about pricing.
Beware of the info Shawn insists on, It does not match the info for the clutch that you have removed. Make SURE you verify before purchasing, as all my resources indicate it is incorrect for you vehicle.
@mudoilngears Thanks for the warning on that, I can cross reference the ISC 600 measurements vs. the the LUK clutch that Shawn has.
ISC is the number for just the cover, the screenshots I posted above have the info for the disc, which you can verify against the old disk. You may be able to find the PN on it, although Exedy uses a rather pale etching which is easily obscured.
Ohhh, thank you. Ill check that disk number (if I can find one!).
Here we go:

Clutch Disk: ISD141U
Pressure Plate: ISC 600
Pilot Bearing: 6203Z
Alright, now that weve got the right parts listed, does anyone know of any existing clutch kits available in the US? I fear that this has become more complicated than expected.
The disc is available on eBay. The cover I haven’t found. I could get them here tomorrow, but shipping them to you would be pricey and take a while. Do you have any local clutch shops that could check the pressure and condition of the cover?
The shop that is surfacing my flywheel can check it out, I think. Ive got to get the throw out bearing part number.
What do you guys think about these? I suspect bad build quality:

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