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Hi, New member here but not entirely new to Isuzus. I owned, modified, and wheeled a 2000 Rodeo LSE which I bought brand new. At that time I was living in SF Bay area and a member of 4x4Wire under the handle 4Play. Now I live in So California and I just purchased a 2001 Trooper. I'm looking to get some parts - (I did search the forums and go a lot of good info, what I did not find is where to buy these from or currently the best place to get them.

1) Tallest OME coils (ones that support the highest load). Ones on the Rodeo I got from Matt and Indy4x.

2) Possibly torsion bars (if you think its needed, max tire size will be 33" and I would like to do moderate rock crawling eventually)

3) Shocks - I used Rancho 9000xls on my Rodeo and they worked fine, any good recommendations? These will not be a daily driver but I want it to be comfortable on long trips on the highway. Plan to use this as a overland rig but I do like to do more than fire roads.

4) Sliders - On my rodeo I had Jim Shrake (shrockworks) build me a set that were awesome. Anyone local to So Cal that builds sliders?

5) Front and rear bumpers? winch capable front.

6) The trooper I got does not have the factory roof rails (smooth top). Where can I get the mounts that fit the factory holes?

So the shops I used 22 years ago seem to be around but don't seem to focus on Isuzu anymore. Google brought up Rocky Road Outfitters - good site? The don't list their OME coils buy the numbers I remember, rather call them standard, heavy, and expedition duty. IS rocky road a good source? Anything out there better or cheaper?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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