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Where do you buy stuff?

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Just wondering where every buys their stuff? I'm looking for a Surco Roof Rack and wondering which vendors you have used.

Everyone knows that Indy and DOR are good choices but I think both of them carry Garvin racks which for my use is too heavy.

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I found my Surco rack on eBay for cheep. It works & looks good, & goes up & down pretty easy.
My only thing is I don't like the load floor. There is alot of open spaces. When I'm tossing camping gear up there, I have to be careful that things don't partially sag thru. I am thinking about making my own subfloor out of some kind of metal mesh.
Indy has carried the Surco I think.
BTW, are you still upgrading & getting rid of your OME/Rancho set up? I might be interested.
You could reinforce it like this:

As seen at:

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