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Well, I'm kris, 30 years old, originally from northeast PA and now live in Mocksville, NC. I have always had a love for 4 wheel drives, atvs, etc. I currently Am a glorified finish carpenter/custom painter (no need to make it more than it is) and in my part-time, i have a small shop where i repair and build performance motorcycles, atvs and dirtbikes. I have owned and built a little of everything really, american trucks, toyotas, nissans, samurais, even a land rover defender 90 (that i should have never sold btw). I had a dodge raider and an 89 trooper that I also miss dearly and i have had my 1995 Trooper for a little while now. I have to say I absolutely love the thing, feells like a tank, yet its pretty nimble and i can already tell how great the 4x4 is justfrom playing around in my backyard. Found this site from a guy near charlotte with an automatic rodeo with 33's on it and while searching for information about mine concerning the valve train and what lift kits work and exhaust and what not. I'm not hard to get along with, have already found alot of great helpful information on here and am looking forward to sharing some chat with other isuzu fans...

Welp, speaking of my Trooper, i'm on the way to crank up the A/C and take the little lady and out dogs for a ride for ice cream, but like i said, looking forward to meeting you all and after i'm lifted a little and have something better than 245/75/16 tires, hopefully I'll see some of you at uwharrie or paragon or...???

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