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What is your local club?

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I sometimes hang out with the local Off-Road club in the DC area: Off Camber Crawlers

While it is a club that is mostly jeeps, there are Toyotas, an Oldsmobile (Bravada), Unimogs, Pinzgauers, Samarais, and even one Isuzu.

What clubs are the rest of you members of? I hope that by posting them here, other Isuzus in your area will join the local clubs, and show the rest of the world what our Isuzus are made of.

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I am not a member of any presently but might join this organization soon:

I am also considering a local Jeep club who seem quite organized and meet often. 86% of the land in Vermont is privately owned so off-road 4x4 trails are hard to come by.
Hello to all you Isuzu fokes! The club that I'm a member of is Georgia Bounty Runners, here in Atlanta. Joe Isuzu is the name of rig. I'm not locked but Joe has 33X12.5x15 Super Swampers on 10" rockcrawlers. Joe goes were the $70,000 rigs go. :lol:
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Howdy. I just thought I'd refresh this a little bit. I think Planetisuzoo is the closest thing to a club the Isuzu folks have. Anyway, I would be interested in starting a WA state club or perhaps a Pacific Northwest Club for Isuzus or maybe a West Coast Club??? Let's get this thing going! I don't even have a 4x4 Isuzu yet (looking), but I'd love to see a club going.

Hey. From Vancouver Island and belong to
huh im not a member of an ofical 4x4 club. A bunch of guys i whent to highschool whith and some of thier friends all formed a group, we call ourselves the Mountain Explorers. Most everybody in it drives a lifted full sized chevy. We are open to other 4x4s though (i drive my Isuzus on the trail drives alot).
blacklist wheelers association
great bunch of wheelers, kinda hardcore anything goes group. Open to anyone and any 4wd vehicle but their kinda harsh to the jeep crowd, the ones who think its a jeep thing you know the kind I mean. Stop in and say hi. ... ation40687
ZU'tah Wheelers is a group of about 30 folks here in Utah that love their Zus. There is a core group of 5-10 people that regularly go out wheeling or wrenching over at another member's house. We had three parties this year just to eat, drink and have a good time, though as you can imagine, somehow the topic of conversation always winds around to our Zus :mrgreen: . Good group of folks.
We are not actually a club, and it isn't exactly local (world wide via WWW :D).

Ford Ranger support group.

Hello, my name is Josh, and I am addicted to Ranger's (2 Ranger's and 3 Bronco II's so far).

Been wheeling with a bunch of guys from the site. 99% of the runs are welcome to all vehicles. It is only special occasions that are Ranger (Ranger, Bronco II's, Explorer's, etc) only.
I'm a member of Planet Isuzoo, an online SUV club 8)

It's a small, innocuous, but International group of 'Zuholics. We have a cool website run by this guy named Tad. :D

We even have kewl stuff to buy (I know, a shameless plug :wink: ):

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