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Hi folks. Joined the forum a year ago when I got a 95 Trooper. Haven't posted that I recall, until now.

I recently bought a 1986 Trooper II Turbodiesel. 4-door. 5-speed manual tranny, 130K miles on it. No air conditioning. Straight frame, minimal rust, some body issues (more on this below).

It has the oil overflow reservoir which I believe indicates that it probably also has the upgraded (3rd generation) connecting rods. From what I understand, this combination (diesel, 5-speed, upgraded connecting rods, 4 door) is extremely rare.

I'm wondering if I paid too much counting repairs, so I'm curious what this truck is now worth. I only paid $1700 for the truck but it took a LOT of work (way more than I expected) to get it road worthy and mechanically sound. If I had known the repair $$$ in advance, I wouldn't have done it. (And now I have decided to learn basic mechanics on this truck, so I have a life skill beyond number crunching on a computer).

The engine is very strong and runs like a top. It looks like my first tank of diesel (20gal) will yield about 27mpg in mixed city/hwy driving with a small amount of offroad use thrown in.

The following things were done to get it in decent shape:
* new brakes all around
* nused radiator
* rebuild front axle
* front cv boot various other bushings swaybar etc repairs
* remanned alternator
* replace clutch (pressure plate, disc, bearings), also adjust clutch cable
* replace rear seal on the transmission
* adjust fly wheel
* change most fluids & filters (including diff fluids)
* various new hoses
* new exhaust from the mainfold all the way back to the tail pipe

It has still some flaws:
1) The steering wheel horn button doesn't work. To get it to pass safety, they installed a horn button next to the glow plug light.
2) The heater blower control didn't work, so it previously had no heat/defrost. To fix this, they installed an all-or-nothing blower switch to the right. They thought it might be the resistor which was "difficult to access and a difficult to find part". Now I think it may have been an inline 20A fuse under the coolant overflow reservoir. Still need to check that.
3) Body is in fair conditon. Minimal rust, but some dings and minor dents. It has aftermarket bumpers so has probably been in a few minor fender benders (nothing reported on carfax but how far back does that go?)
4) The front passenger side door seems to be about 1/4" low, which creates a weatherseal issue as well as a hinge problem. Right now it only opens to the halfway point, and to close it requires a little extra force.
5) The hood is very faded and needs to be repainted.
6) The front passenger side triangle vent window is messed up. It is currently locked closed and re-sealed with black caulk.
7) The front driver fender does not fit properly to the front turn signal. There is a 3/4" gap. Again indicating a prior fender bender.
8) 4WD indicator light does not work, though I have confirmed that 4WD works.

So tell me, what is this truck worth?

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Now why would you make a post like this withough any pics? :mrgreen:

I'm not sure what these Troopers are worth, but imo, it sounds like you have a very nice Trooper in your lot. Cost aside, she is now running and paid off I assume, so I would just enjoy it!!

Now post some pics!!!


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Good point Bart. I will snap some actual pics soon and upload.

For now, I can say it looks like this one but body in much better condition: ... OLENCE.JPG

(Maybe that was a land crusier not a trooper?)

Well, more like this one actually:

And that one being $3500 some twenty months ago, gives me some sense, but no idea of the mileage etc on that one.
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