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First, please bear in mind that I have a 94 Monterey 3.2 Auto, which is merely a re-badged Mk2 Trooper.

Okay, the story commences.....

The cigarette lighter hasn't worked since I bought the car. Having just got a mobile phone in-car charger for Crimbo from 'er indoors I have felt somewhat obliged to repair the lighter so that I can use it. I assumed that it was a blown lighter socket & bought a Halfords jobby. Nothing.

Now stand by for a barrage of questions:

1. A test lamp has shown that there IS power going to the fuse, which is intact & I have tried a spare too. But there's no voltage at the lighter. Is this more likely an open circuit or could whoever fitted the tow-bar nicked the feed for that?

2. I tried to test between a known good live & the earth for the lighter. Nothing. Could it be two open circuits or could both have been nicked for the tow-bar?

3. Under the steering wheel there's a beautiful earthing point with a black lead leading to.... nothing. I can see that there was once a hands-free kit installed (thanks for all the drill holes in my dash Miss Former Owner). Is that what it was probably for, or could that be the "missing" earth?

And finally moving on to the title of the thread, I have now found 2 sets of empty sockets in the car.

4. The first is a double socket under the passenger seat which a forum member told me was probably for the CD multi-changer (all I got was a crappy CD player that skipped). Is that definite?

5. There is an orange socket in the driver kick panel with 3 pins, and blue/red, blue/white & black leads attached. It's right by the alarm box. Any ideas?

6. (And final thank God) There's a white 2 pin rectangular socket under the dash (directly below the steering wheel) with what looks like a blue & silver lead attached. WTF?

All answers to all questions ever so greatly appreciated. Please assume no knowledge at this end, I had to google this morning to discover what the kick panel was!
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