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water leaking

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I have a 96 rodeo and I left it running about 5 min in my front yard and came our to find it over heating so I shut it down and had some running to do. when I got back it had cooled down so I put some water in it and I noticed it was taking quite a bit of water so I looked underneath and it looked like the water was running out on both sides of the front of the oil pan.

I checked the oil and it looked to just be oil no water in it so the question is could it be any thing else but a radiator, water pump, bad hoses,.

I have only had the car three weeks and was begining to be impressed with it. It has 128K miles on it. Any thoughts on the subject would be helpful

I read another post where a guy spent
$3K on parts and part of them was a radiator and thermostat . I already have a new theremostat and wander if you can get a after market radiator?THANKS: Sams dad 42
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