Items For Trade:

I'm looking to buy a soft top with the trim pieces, or just the trim pieces. I currently own a soft top and a frame, but not the trim pieces (pictured below). I am willing to just buy the trim pieces if you've got them. I'm willing to trade my hardtop, once I have the soft top I'd never use it anyway. I live in Corvallis, Oregon, but I'm willing to drive 200 or so miles to pick it up the soft top/deliver my hardtop, but I do not wish to deal with shipping.

If you want pictures of my hardtop feel free to message me, but fair warning, it isn't in immaculate condition. The sunroof is sealed shut, it's spray painted black, the window tint is peeling, and it's got some scratches. But it doesn't leak!
Window Automotive tire Door Wood Fixture

The price will depend on what parts and pieces you have/are willing to sell/if there is a trade involved. If you are interested please message me!