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Various maintenance Q's for late model Trooper??

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I'm almost at 100K on my '99 Trooper. I've kept up with fluid changes but was wondering about the following:

1. PCV valve-- clean or replace(brand?)

2. Fuel filter-- Replace?(brand?)

3. O2 sensors--How many on my truck?

4. Timing belt--should I also change water pump, even though dealer said it wasn't necessary? Should I get Isusu belt or generic and what is reasonable parts/labor price to change out?

Thanks in advance. John.
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My 2 cents:

1) Replace PCV (it's only $5 or so)

2) Replace fuel filter (it's around $10)

3) There are 4 O2 sensors. If everythign is fine I would not replace.

4) Use Isuzu timing belt (cost is about the same and they have the timing marks already on them to line up the cams etc. (not sure if after market belts have the marks on them). I'd replace the water pump if yor are planning on keeping the truck long term. Also replace the timing belt tensioner ($55) as this part does go bad on Troopers. The timing belt pulley should be OK. My guess is that total labor for this should be around $350 to $400.
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