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Vacuum Line Question 93 Trooper

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Soliciting vacuum line knowlege. I just bought a 1993 Trooper wit the 3.2L and have been poking around in my garage.

Pic 1: Does anyone know how this is supposed to look? Both the blue and red vacuum switches have one port with vacuum line and the other empty. There is one vacuum line hooked up to nothing. Should this be hooked up to either one of the empty ports on either the blue or red vacuum switch?

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Pic 2: There is another vacuum line coming from the canister that goes nowhere (this seems right but want to verify)
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Thanks in advance for the help!
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My Trooper seems to be missing the vacuum line schematic from under the hood. These photos are exactly what I need though assuming this one is hooked up correctly.

Thank you so much!
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