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I initially found a product listed by independant4x for an upgraded steering stabilizer. Link here: -Isuzu Steering Stabilizer
At a bare price of $85 + shipping, I found this to be more than I was willing to pay. After a good bout of research, I found out that their kit is just a marked up skyjacker kit. The skyjacker kit in question is the 7100, 8100, or 9100. The difference between the three mentioned is just the type of shock. I personally bought the 9100 for just over $65 shipped from amazon.

I'll brief over my install of the product onto my 3.2 1994 Rodeo. I used this image (below) from a vehiCROSS forum for reference. Additionally, I used skyjacker's supplied instructions found on their product page:
Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive exterior Motor vehicle Bumper

I first installed the bracket that mounts to the axle. I put it as far to the driver side as possible. The threads of the u bolt weren't long enough so I used two 1/2 inch bolts as spacers. That worked perfectly.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive fuel system Vehicle Gas
Automotive tire Gas Automotive exhaust Auto part Rim

Next, I installed the shock into the axle bracket. When done, I extended the shock out halfway (4.08"). I then lined up the tie rod bracket with the shock still half way out. I made sure the bracket will clear the front diff.
Leg Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior
Photograph Motor vehicle Light Product Bicycle part

Here's what it looks like at lock.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire
Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Bumper

The included dust guard had 14 ribs which wouldn't compress down enough when fully turning left. I cut down the guard to have 6.5 ribs. This is far from perfect but it'll protect the shaft when driving straight and turning left. I might've been able to keep another rib but oh well.
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Tool

And finally here's a comparison of the new and old steering stabilizer. I hope to put this upgrade to the test in the coming weeks.
Gas Cylinder Bicycle part Bicycle fork Metal

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What vehicle?
The first link gives the years. I'll quote it here,

  1. Fits most Isuzu years with a steering box.
  2. does not work on Rack and Pinion steering trucks ('98+ Rodeo, Amigo, Rodeo Sport, Axiom)
  3. does not work with '97+ Trooper Models with the vacuum actuator on the front Driver's side axle housing tube.

  • 85-95 Pickup & Amigo
  • 89-97 Rodeo & Passport
  • 84-2002 Trooper, VX (without front vacuum actuator on housing) "
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