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Here's my way of doing upper and lower ball joints, takes less than an hour per side if you're organized.

This tutorial can also be used for CV Axle replacement. Just complete these steps, then remove the inner cv boot, and then the clip inside the soup can (wipe the grease away to see it) and your axle is completely free.

If your goal is just a ball joint flip, stop after that step and then start reassembly.

Upper Ball Joint Removal
Step 1: Loosen lugnuts, jack up car, place on jackstands, remove wheel
Step 2: Remove the two caliper bracket bolts (22mm) and secure the caliper out of the way. We don't want to damage brake lines!
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Step 3: Remove cotter pin from upper ball joint, make sure your new ball joint come with a cotter pin and you can just cut the old one to aid removal
Step 4: Remove the upper ball joint castle nut (22mm).
Step 5: Smack the exact point in the photo below with a heavy mallet (or hammer). Might take a couple hits, make sure to give it some umph. The upper control arm should separate.
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Step 6: At this point just remove the nuts and bolts and you're done.

Upper Ball Joint flip
This is done to correct the camber changes that occur when lifting the front end. Also gives the front end a slight extra bit of lift. Alignment required afterwards.

Follow the above steps for removal, then when installing the new upper ball joint place it under the upper control arm when attaching the bolts.
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Lower Ball Joint Removal
The steps from removing the upper ball joint are required as a starting point
Step 1: Remove the 6 outer 10mm bolts on your front hub. Note I have manual hubs, the process for auto hubs will be slightly different
Step 2: Remove the outer face of the hub
Step 3: Remove the cotter pin and castle nut from the lower ball joint. 22mm or 24mm, depends on the brand.
Step 4: Using circlip/snap ring pliers, remove the snap ring holding the axle.
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Step 5 (optional): Firmly secure the wheel assembly
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Step 6: You either have two options here. Use a large pitman tool, or use a mallet in the same spot we used earlier. Or a combination of both.
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Step 7: Slide the bulky part of the axle out of the way, or fully remove it from the hub. You can loosen your bungie cord from step 5 for this.
Step 8: Remove the 4 nuts and bolts from the upper ball joint, and you're done

Pretty much just the same steps in reverse. To install the upper ball joint I place a jack onto the lower ball joint to push up the lower control arm while pushing down on the upper control arm by hand, and eventually things will line up with some muscle and technique.
When reassembling the hub, match the tab to the spline with the gap and it will go right back on.
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