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Transmission id help!?

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Can the transmission guru help me identify this transmission? Looking to replace it in my 98 SLX but I know the number is not 96 018 270 that in it now. I'm guessing it's a 2000+ trooper??? If I had ecu and harness is it possible to wire into my 98?

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I have no applicability listing for this ID plate number but If the transmission has a 4 pin overdrive case connector and 7 pin main case connector it is a 2000 or newer transmission.

It does not have the correct ID to be from a 00-02 Trooper/Rodeo/Amigo/Rodeo Sport/Axiom. I think there are a few 03 Axioms with a 4L30e so it could be from a 03 Axiom.

You can't use 00 and newer Trooper/Axiom 4L30e in any other vehicle because these transmissions use a PWM TCC as opposed to an Off/On type. Additionally, the PCM from 00 and newer Trooper/Axiom cannot control a pre 00 engine without a lot of modifications. The PCM controls the engine and transmission.
It's a Japanese import motor and transmission, I belive its from a big horn. Looks to have newer coils and ecu in the engine bay hence the wires. So my guess it'd 2002 up?

With all the wiring and ecu you think its worth swapping? Looks like I'd need the TBW gas pedal too.

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Looks like too much work and expense to me, just have your transmission rebuilt or buy a reman.
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