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Transmission breather 2nd Gen / 4L30E ?

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So I'm reading the article that DonB so kindly wrote for us where he installs a breather on his man. trans. and I'm wondering to myself ..."is that why my truck can start to smell like oil after
a long hot run? Do I need to do some venting myself?" I don't have a clue. Don's tranny and mine are obviously quite different. Any thoughts?
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Why, thanks for the kudos there dood! :D

Isn't the 4L30E an automatic? If so, that would indicate your trannie is 'pressurized' with it's own pump and circulation least that's what my one limited braincell with knowledge of auto trannies is telling me. :wink:

So, you may be in need of a supplemental cooler (oil and/or trannie) if your ride doesn't already have one.

Two Guys Garage on Speed just had a pretty good segment on trannies but I didn't get to see the whole deal.

Hope all is well.

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Give me a week and I'll post my howto on adding breathers to the 4l30e. It isn't terribly hard. Most of the "hard" work is done for you by the factory. No drilling, tapping, etc is needed. I'll also post one about adding a transmission cooler.

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