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Does anyone have advice or can point me to a thread about moving the trans crossmember up about 10" for a manual transmission? Right where it needs to go there are these blocky jack points sticking down.

I figure I can cut off the blocks and fab a mounting bracket for the existing crossmember, or maybe weld a bracket along the inside of these blocks, then build a new crossmember out of some 3/4 or 1" square tubing. I'm new to fabricating and I'm sure I'm overlooking a simple solution.

I greatly appreciate it.

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And I will state preemptively that my Aisin trans began overheating often, I tried a synthetic ATF flush, and it burned up the fluid pretty quickly. Then it would occasionally take a few long moments to move after being put in gear. I was looking for an excuse to do the swap so that was enough for me.
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