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Towing whith a trooper

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Alrighty i have a 90 4door trooper whith the 2.6L 4 and 5speed. My question is, would i be able to tow a 3000lbs trailer whith it? Ill be getting the wieght distributing hitch and anti roll bars for the trailer and trailer brakes. DO you think it would do it?
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The frame and brakes should be up to the task; you may find the motor a bit weak pulling 3K around, especially if you're going over the passes. If you're staying on the (relatively) flat terrain in E. WA you should be OK. It certainly will do it, although you'll have slow going up long grades/hills.

I once towed my present '90 LS Troop 180 miles back from Bellingham, on a car tow dolly, with my trusty old '90 2.8 Troop. It handled the load OK, but definitely don't recommend towing that much weight on a regular basis!

Probably close to 4500 lbs total but the 2.8 never whimpered. 55 and 4th max, though. Likely a good idea for your towing also; never tow that much weight in 5th; the gears in 4th are stronger for towing. Make sure your tranny oil is in good condition and at the proper level. At that weight level it's also extremely important to have the cooling system up to snuff; old hoses, clogged radiator, bad clutch fan or thermostat will spell Instant Meltdown if occurring while towing. Especially in E. WA heat, although there's not much of that to worry about now, is there! :)

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Alrighty cool. Yeah im planning on making my 1980 chevy luv into a trail machine (pulling off the bed, doors and fenders, it will probly wiegh about 2000lbs then) and just whanted to make shure the trooper could do it safely so i dont have to buy a tow rig. I know ill be stuck in 4th gear and probly never go much more than 60mph and hills will be slow going. Also how hard is it to install an oil cooler? Im going to be doing a full rebuild whith a ferw little performance things(header, highflow cat and cat-back exsaust) Ill probly get a flex fan for it so it will cool better at lower rpms and the radiator is new.
Check out Delta Cams in Tacoma, they have several good regrinds for the Isuzu 4-cyl. Worked great in my old '86 Troop 2.3. I was towing 2500 lbs worth of ski boat & trlr and although slow on hills it would still pull 70 on the flats no probl.

The cam, in concert with exhaust mods etc, will really perk it up. Tell them what your plans are and they can recommend the most suitable grind. Typically the 260 grind is popular for all-around use.

As far as oil coolers go, I know the 2.8 had an option but not sure about the 2.6. If the oil filter adapter has places to connect to, you could install any type of aftermarket cooler.

Failing that you might want to run 20W-30 Mobil or equivalent synthetic for that extra margin of protection. At least for summer months; 10W-30 synthetic in the winter would work as well.

One other thing I was thinking, if you have stock steel or alum 15X6" rims; a set of 15X7" wide aftermarket wheels, or any of the nice Isuzu factory 15X7" rims would increase the track and improve stability while towing.

I noticed a big difference (improvement) in handling when I went from 6" wide LS rims to the 15X7" honeycomb Isuzu wheels.
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well i whnt the trooper to also function as a recovery vehicle should i get the luv rely stuck so the tires are ging to get bigger. I was thinking of getting Interco Super Swamper SSRs, they make them fairly wide which will help whith stability and also pulling power when tugging the other tuck out of the mud. My main concern whith getting too wild whith the motor stuff is keeping it 100% emmisons legal. It will be a daily driver (its my nicest rig) so its a must to keep it 100% legal. Yeah i know im expecting alot out of the trooper but if its anything like the luv (its an isuzu too) i know it will be up to the challenge :)
pull it dude
i've pulled a spare 89 4dr trooper i had just bought on a dual axle 18ft trailer w/2ft mesh siding, behind my 90 4dr 2.6 5speed and passed several full size trucks on the highway (for some reason they had a suprised look on their face), not to mention i was riding on 33
although i won't admit any exact speed i'd suggest doing the speed limit

oh yeah and when you get to where your going bring a spare driver for the trooper

P.S the trailer also had electric brakes
yeah when i get it running 100% im going to do some testing whith it. We have a single axle trailer that we hual gravel in for landscaping (fully loaded it wieghs in at 3,000lbs) and the duties of towing that usually go to my luv. 8)
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