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I met with Mediamonkey, (Tony), and DAE, (AJ), yesterday, at Tony's mom's house.

The purpose, to get some parts off of Tony's 93 troop.

I ended up with front seats. Front brakes, complete with master cylinder. Rear sway bar. And that roll out cover thingy for the back end storage area. And all the screws/bolts associated with the above.

DAE tried to get the transfer case off, but between him and Tony, they never managed to get one last bolt out. So the TC is still there, connected to the trans, and still in the car.

Highlights of the day...

I'm thinking that if Tony attends the swap meet, we are going to have to get a chair for him, and make sure he stays in it most of the time. Otherwise, we are all going to go home with cricks in our necks from looking up at him.

AJ is really quiet. Polite. And very determined. I'm surprised that bolt didn't come out from sheer exhaustion at his determination. Given more time, I am confident he would have gotten it done.

At one point, Tony was under the troop. I have no idea what he was doing under there, but I was taking a break, eating pizza.

I'm just looking at the side of the troop, and all of a sudden it starts rolling back and forth. Went about three feet, and part of the way back.

It was Tony, moving the vehicle all by himself, while laying under there.

DAE told me that I bring character to the forum.

I told him , "Thank you. That's the most polite way anyone's ever told me that." (I've been called a "Character" before, and I know what that means. LOL)

Tony kept telling me that I was slow.

I guess I am going to have to paint my troop yellow, and stencil "Short bus" on the side, after all... :wink:

All in all, a very good day.

I am very glad to have met both of them in person.

And I am looking forward to meeting more of you, at the PNW swap meet and greet.

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I talk to Mr. Matthews all the time and wish i lives in the PNW so i could meet him in person.

Good thing about forum: meet people
Bad thing: meet people that live extremely far and are super cool. :x :lol:
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