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Tires: What are you running and for what purpose?

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What are you running and for what purpose? I am picking up my 99' Rodeo 4WD LS tomorrow and will be replacing the tires in the next couple of months. Generally I run 4 dedicated snows on all our vechicles however I am considering an all-season tire set-up for this rig. I am looking for a mixed use tire, dirt roads, snow and highway. Comfort is not an issue but I live in a snowbelt so it will have to be exceptional in the snow. On my list now are the Geolander HT, Bridgestone Dueler or Cooper M & S's. I am new to Isuzu but found this site, it's not real active but maybe it will grow!
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First off, you didn't say where you live (% of snow driving).

I currently run General Grabber ST in 31x10.50 on my 94 Trooper and I like them. I won't say that I "really" like them becaue of the road noise. I have no performance complaints about them though. They did fine in the snow (I only got stuck when the tires weren't touching the ground).

General Grabber ST:

In the snow, I really liked the Bridgestone Sidewinder SP tires that I had on my 88. I don't think that they make them anymore however.

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I live in Northern New England with about 5-6 months of snow on average. Lots of ice, pot holes, frost heaves ect. Our roads are the worst.

This is a great site with a nice layout, good work!


Michelin LTX M/S's are another great tire you might want to consider. I live in Upstate NY and have had no problem with them in the snow. They aren't noisy on dry pavement and wear well (I have over 60k on my current set and will be putting another 4 on my Rodeo in the fall). A lot of guys at the msg boards recommend them as well.
I got a set of Bridgestone Dueler "REVO" AT and love them. Great in snow and sand even at full PSI too. Just about the same noise as the factory HT tires. Not cheap but atleast they are cheaper than the BFGs!

Good Luck,
Uniroyal Laredo MT's. Awesome tires! Great offroad, in mud, not too loud on the road. Best of all, cheap, cheap, cheap at Sam's Club, under $110 ea. for 265/75/16, although I haven't checked to see if they still have them.
I'm running Kumho 245 75/16 Venture AT's on my stock 01 Trooper. Have about 10K on 'em, & love them.
They have a center rib that cuts way down on road noise.
They have never left me stuck in light to medium wheeling in sand, mud, stream crossing, or snow during the past Pittsburgh winter.
Here's a link:
For more serious wheelin, they have MT's too.

Best part? Under $400 for 4 mounted & balanced! :wink:

I am running Cooper Discoverer STTs, 285/75r16 and love them. They ride good, although with some noise. They work well in sand, mud, and rocks. If you look at the M/Ts on the site listed above, they look like an identical tire, right down to the holes for the ice pins :wink: I can't say how they do in the snow however, as I live in Florida. The only problem i have had with them is when its raining hard enough to pond on the interstate. It got a little exciting then. But, i think that might have been cause by having way to much air pressure in them.

i'll be runnin geolander at + II's
33 12.5 on black rockcrawler 15x 8's
i'll let u know how i like 'em
I'm running Liberator AT 255/70/16 from WalMart. Great Tires and even better price. $68 each mounted with the lifetime waranty. The guy at WalMart told me they are made by BF Goodrich especially for WalMart. Don't know if that is true, but great tires. Great in snow, mud, and trails. They do get a bit packed in mud but clean easily. For the cost they are great.
I run 235/15/75 BFG A/T for the street. Good traction and they last forever (even with my welded rear.)

I run 33/13.5/15Mickey Thompson Baja Claw Radials for the trail. Awsome traction in just about anything. Don't wear as bad as bias ply plus not as loud. Next time I think I will get bias ply for the added traction. Don't use them on the street much so not to concerned about wear.
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Me, I run the cheapest all terrain -ish tires I can get. Mostly because I'm poor. I still like to ride trails and that sort. My next set is gonna be some trailhandlers tires and rims I bought off a buddy's toyota for 50 bucks. Whenever my current tires start stinking up the road.
I'm running 32x11.5x15 Bridgestone Dueller M/Ts on my 1990 Bighorn. I spend alot of time in the mud and love the M/Ts.
The cheapest tires I can find.

We only drive this thing about once a month.
I just dropped a pair of Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo's on my '98 Rodeo and I am in love. They replaced the Wal-Mart tires that the dealer put on when I bought it, now the thing drives like a Linclon. LOVE the Revos. I don't slip at all on water. I don't peel out. Nothing.
Ive had them for a week so I have yet to try them out on anything other than pavement.
I'm running 33x12.50 Pro Comp XTerrains around 15x10 USWheel Black Modulars on my 1993 Rodeo. In short, I love them. They were given to me, and I know they are expensive... but they outperform my old BFG A/T's in every aspect exept street performance. I would recommend them, I think has a buy 3 get one free on Pro Comp tires right now. Hope this helped... Good luck and Truck on!.
I am running 265/75/R16 Bridgestone Dueller A/T Revos for On-/Off-Road!!

AWESOME tires both on & offroad!!!! :D
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