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Tire Question

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So I want to get some decent all terrain tires for my 88 trooper.. I dont know much about tires.. Can I just go... too say.. les schwab and say "whats the biggest size tires I can get on here" or should I know exactly the size before I go in and ask for a set?

thanks.. im a noob :D
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Before you go any further, you need to do a:


Its up at the top, next to the FAQ link.

Then, when your BUGEYED from reading all the various posts, go here for an excellent FAQ on tires:

some decent all terrain tires
This need some more explanation. What do you do with your Trooper? How often do you go off-road, that you would need ATs?

There are a gazillion ATs out there and every person who goes offroad will offer up an opinion as to what a 'decent' AT tire is.

The deciding factor will probably come down to "What's in Your Wallet?" and what's available at your local tire shop(s).

Some linkies: ... 90277E0A6A


Oh, and don't forget:

SEARCH always on your topic of interest (or at least say you did.....) before posting up on discussion forums, it helps a lot, really, I wouldn't kid.... :wink:

Seriously count your blessings you didn't ask about tires over on the Pirate board............. :shock:

BTW, your '88 Troop most likely came stock with 235/75R15 tires. Unless something out of the ordinary has changed with your ride, that's probably what's on there now and should be prominently displayed on the sidewall. Tire size and other issues should also be discussed in the owner's manual.

AND one more thing:


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