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First I'd like to introduce myself to the board.

I'm new here and this is my 2nd post.

I'm an aircraft mechanic. I own a 88 Trooper LS, that's ready for the bone yard and a 99 Rodeo 4x4 with a 3.2 L V-6.

Yesterday I replaced my timing belt. Because I couldn't find a manual, I used a Haynes Rodeo Manual 1989 thru 1997.

The procedure is pretty much the same, but I do have some tips.

1) Remove the upper right radiator hose and diconnect the left one at the engine and hold it out of the way. I also removed the battery for some extra elbow room.

2) You will find that using an impact wrench will make removal of the crank pully bolt a snap.

3) You will have to remove the serpentine belt tensioner (1 hexhead bolt and 1 allen head bolt 8mm) to get the Upper Left Timing belt cover off.

4) I recommend that you pull the air cleaner duct so you have more room to remove the upper right timing belt cover.

5) When you install the timing belt, you can use binder clips (those black spring metal clips from the office supply store) to hold the belt on the pullies. Ensuring that the lines on the belt stay inline with the lines on the crankshaft timing pulley and the camshaft sprockets.

I guess that's it. I hope this might help someone out there.

Have a good day!

Thanks, TW :D

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Good info! Great idea- on holding the belt steady to the cam pulleys w/ the binder clips. There's not a lot of documented info out there on the 1998+ 3.2/3.5 T-belt changeout. So it's great to see a write-up on it. Can't even find conclusive info as to if the 1998 & up 3.2/3.5 are valve crashers or not. Even from dealer mechanics!! some say yes, some no. There is a write-up from awhile back on the isuzu board, where a guy did a t-belt changeout on his 1998 (or maybe 1999), accidentally had the cam pulleys set something like 180deg off, and it just wouldnt run. No crashing. So that's a good sign.
Thanks again
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