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Timing belt kit - sorry for the newbie question

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Hi all,

I am a new owner of a 97 Trooper S 210M manual 5 sp. Purchase vehicle for son starting to drive. I will be doing alot of work on this Trooper to bring it back to good mechanical shape.

No history on the timing belt, so I plan to get the timing belt, water pump changed. I see kits on rockauto, ebay etc... Which kit has quality parts ? like japan bearings, water pump, belt etc.. I see separate japan water pump, idler, tensioner advertised on ebay. Do you just buy separate parts to make your own kit?

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Try to get a kit that has a Gates belt, with idler pulleys. You really want an Aisin water pump. The cheap stuff on ebay is usually Chinese knockoffs. Make sure that whatever you buy is actually Gates or Aisin. Many vendors sell the cheap stuff as Gates or Aisin, but the fine print tells the story. Dennis
I bought a timing belt and water pump kit from RockAuto that had a Gates belt for my 2002 5-speed V6 base Rodeo. I did not put the brand of the water pump in my maintenance records. It has been over 7 years and more than 40K miles without any issues.
Aisin is the best for the water pump (OE supplier) and Gates the best for the timing belt kit. IIRC Aisin used to sell a complete timing belt + water pump kit but I'm not sure if that is still available
I highly recommend inspecting the timing belt to determine if replacement of the belt is required at this time or not. This inspection only takes about 10 minutes to complete & it potentially could save you a lot of money and time.

If the belt requires replacement, I recommend the timing belt kit that is available from Napa auto parts store. For under $300 It contains the belt, water pump, tensioner & idler pulleys. I've used this kit on many many many vehicles over the years and never have I had a issue with any of them.
Thanks all!
I purchased a Gates timing kit with water pump from Rockauto.
I am currently chasing the valve taping noise . I've been reading up about this. I will try the diesel flush this week.
I received the Gates timing kit with water pump. Just reporting what's in the Gates kit in case anyone is interested
Watr pump plastic wrapper has "made in china". The water pump is stamped Gates logo and #
Idler pulley had GMB logo on the bearing
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