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Three Wheel Drive?

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I have a 1990 2.6L Trooper. The passenger side front wheel seems to be locked and I have been unable to get it to release. I have repacked the wheel. If I drive it, the hub gets hot and it acts as if I am applying the brakes. Is this just a locked hub or could I be having transfer case problems.
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A silly question but is the brake locking up?

I just purchased a Trooper, same year and engine. The same brake is locked up.
That sounds to me like either a brake that has locked up or a bearing that has gone bad. The hub shouldn't get overly hot when driving. It will get warm, but not HOT!

I suspect that the hub is fine, and it is a brake problem.

I had the driver's side rear caliper freeze up on me an the symptoms sound exactly the same.
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