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Going to try and sell the 94 LS , and thought if any of you guys were interested in it , I'd give the Planet first dibs.

We have owned it 4 years and it has been a very good truck. It was my Wife's , so it never really got used off road. It has about 180,000 miles on it , and unfortunately , seems to have spun a bearing. It is the DOHC motor....being an LS.

Good: No rust , frame or body , good Tranny (no issues the whole time we've owned it.....serviced once sinced bought) , G80 , nice interior with the driver seat being the only worn area , Cold air , basically all the LS gadgets work.....except the sunroof (honestly never looked into it past the fuse box) , all doors and windows work , and the tires are good (michelin street) , and has manual hubs. New Radiator (that has never left the neighborhood (200.00) , spun bearing while topping off tranny and radiator fluid :( )

Bad: needs a motor , and I replaced the passenger front door after an ice day incident my wife was in and it does not match the truck. I did go throught the effort of putting all of the LS stuff on the door , so it just needs paint to match the original color (both are red , just different shades)

It would make a great off road truck , but it would also with little work still be a great family Trooper. I'm going to ask 800.00 for it , and I do have the title. BTW , it has always passed emissions with no issue since we have owned it. It will run , enough to load on a trailer , but I would not drive it. I am not interested in parting it out.

I suck at loading pictures , but would be happy to shoot some to an e-mail addy for those that might be interested. Any questions , just ask.

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