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The ABS recall

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We recently got our recall notice for the ABS on the Amigo. Has anyone else gotten this done? I thought it started a year or so ago. If you didn't have the problem, you might not notice anything, but for those that did have the problem, you'd surely know it. Is it really fixed and working properly? Not sure when we'll be able to get by to have it done, guess I'll have to find that fuse. :wink:
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Can you tell me about that recall, i didnt hear anything about it.
Not sure if you'll be able to read this, but here's the letter:

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I had experienced the seriously extended stopping distances on bumpy or gravel covered pavement.

Eventually something in the ABS pump died and it just started running all the time even with the key out of the ignition. This was around 80K miles for me. I pulled the ABS fuse and left it like that as I fought with Honda.

I had it serviced under the recall before I got the letter and now the brakes work like any other ABS equipped car that I've driven. The stopping distance is appropriate under the conditions that it used to "coast" on.

I had a broken ABS speed sensor cable on my rear axle so I had to pay for that to be fixed, but otherwise it took a day to complete once the parts showed up.
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