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FNFAL308 said:
Cool, I hope your right and someone does chime in.. Assuming it's much like the TROOPER repair it doesn't sound all that bad, just takes a little time..

Yea I figure the 2WD should be easier to do this with.. I'm thinking removing the Trans cross member should be easy and a floor jack on the Trans tail should allow the engine to tip forward until the Trans tail is touching (almost) touching the underside of the Trans hump.. D/Shaft "should" flex on the U-Joints I reckon...

Ya know it may be a very good idea to remove the gauges and make sure the wire is plugged in back there before I do anything... Is the Gauge cluster easy to get out?
Yep, that's exactly how you replace it, and the layout is the same as what you see in the picture. I've done it on my Trooper and it was quite easy. The biggest pain is getting the skid plates out of the way and bolting them back up when you're done.
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