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swapping door handle to new door, odd question about the switches in the handle

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My old 96 rear door had neither switch in the handle assembly, but it does have the wire harness plug.
I swapped the switches into my old handle. One switch turns with the key, that must lock and unlock all the electric door locks.

But the other switch presses up against the lock cylinder which can never move, Switch is always depressed. What is the point of this? The 657 bracket holds that switch
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red circled area, this part of the lock cylinder is cast as part of the cylinder, immovable. Depresses that switch.
Switch state never changes. Was there an option where it did move?
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OK, where is the rear back door LOCK switch?
What year trooper can unlock the door locks using the key in the back rear door?
My replacement door has the entire switch, snaps on the lock cylinder.
My 1996 also has the wire plug in the harness that plugs into the key lock switch, it exists.
But turning door key in cylinder does nothing when plugged in so some functional connection is missing.

Where is the solid state lock-unlock relay box placed for the key lock and unlock?

I looked at electrical schematics for the 96-97 and 2000 to 2001 and they do not show this door lock key switch for the rear door. What year did this start being used? How can I make my rear door key cylinder lock and unlock all the doors?

All key lock switch does is ground the unlock-lock control wire.
This is for 2000-2001
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I figured it all out. those switches are used for an OEM security system. The switch pressing against the lock is if a thief hits the lock cylinder into the door. The Key switch is for resetting a tripped alarm. There are 3 wires on that key switch, 2 are joined together as one, so when turning key to lock or unlock it connects the wire in the harness possibly for grounding to reset the alarm. There is only 4 wires involved in the harness. door came from a much newer Trooper.

It is not worth the effort to rewire the lock switch to unlock and lock the doors, but it could be done.
So for me the whole setup is useless.

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joined wires at the switch, likely the same switch is used on the front doors.

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lock tamper switch zero ohms when lock cylinder punched out of place.
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Plug end with 4 wires only, since 2 key switch wires are joined as one at the switch.
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