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Stubborn Bolts - '96 Trooper

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The current "challenge" is removal of 2 x 22mm head bolts on the Trooper's caliper bracket. The caliper bracket(holding the caliper sliding bits) needs to come off in order to release the disc (which is well due for replacement).

Heat and 100ft/lbs++ makes no impact. The area has been sprayed with penetrating fluid on several occasions over several days. The "blind end" is hidden behind the disc, so can't be accessed very easily.

The next move is use of an impact driver. I recall using one in the seventies, to not much effect. Has anyone used one and can recommend one? After that, it may be time to resort, reluctantly to a large bar. No, not one with beer taps on it.

Air impact wrench at local tyre depot? Any other clues welcome. Any danger of breaking anything with brute (bruce?) force



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They were very stubborn at first but I was able to make them let go with an 18" breaker bar and a few minutes of soaking with Liquid Wrench.

I was more worried about splitting my knuckles if I slipped and mashed them into the lower arm.

Did you apply the liquid wrench just to the bolt head?

I tapped the bolts on the head (just to loosen any corrosion) a few times with a ball peen and then dropped a little bit of liquid wrench into the "gap" where the head meets the anchor bracket.

I waited about 15 minutes and then started cranking with the breaker bar.
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