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Steel wheels & tyres - standard fitment?

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I am restoring my 1991 UBS 2nd Gen Trooper :D .

It currently has a set of 3rd gen alloys on it, but I would love to either get the standard wheels or at least a more classic set of steel wheels for it.

Can you tell me what fits and what doesn't? Would the wheels from Series Land Rovers fit :?:

I live on a small island (Malta) in Europe and this model is very rare around here.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi, I believe Land Rovers are 5 lug , whereas your Isuzu is 6.
correct. Mine are 6 stud.

Any sources for 6 stud metal wheels?
Toyota 6 lug should fit. Not sure how common hilux's are where you're at but maybe that could get you looking down the right path
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